Investing 101

What if investing could be simple? What if you could make money without having to "work" for it?

The truth is, investing in real estate doesn't have to be complicated.  There are Guru's who sell you this seminar or that kit ... but do you really want to learn from someone getting rich off of selling you CD's???  Let us teach you how ... for FREE!

We will guide you through the amazingly simple world of Real Estate investing so that you will understand it ... and learn how to profit from it! We are more than happy to answer all the questions a first-time investor will have plus our team will custom design a plan for you to Extend Your Wealth!

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Self Directed IRA

Get Tax Deferred and Tax Free Growth while Investing in Real Estate with a Self Directed IRA!

By leaveraging the power of a Self Directed IRA, you gain far more control over your investments.  Find out more about a self directed IRA and how it is becoming one of the best tools for real estate investing.

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By utilizing a Self Directed IRA you are gaining tax benefits and the ability to control your investment funds for a MUCH higher gain.  Traditional IRA and 401(k) average about 3%  but our properties have a 15% cash on cash return at the LOW end.  Want to learn more?? Good! 

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Why Is Bella Vista so Popular?

If you could triple your investment or more, would you consider holding Land?

Bella Vista Arkansas is near Bentonville, which is the headquarters of major companies like Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods.  Plus Bella Vista has a lot of lakes and golf courses, makeing this area one of the most profitable land options available anywhere.


You can speed up your financial freedom simply by holding land for a few years.  Our system allows you to not only get positive cashflow today, but in a few years that cashflow can double if not triple.  Get more info about Bella Vista and why you should get your land before it's gone!

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Cashflow Properties

Secure your financial freedom through cashflow properties.

Our Rental Properties will give you positive cashflow from day one!  We only sell rental properties that have tenants in place and are ready to make you money.

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We will show you how to make money without working!  All of our Properties come with positive cashflow including all expenses and management fees such as property management, landscaping, and all taxes and insurance.  Let us help you secure your financial freedom today!

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